IPL Hair Removal

Chromolite ™ IPL Laser Treatment

Unwanted hair removed in a flash.

  • Safe effective permanent hair reduction
  • Virtually painless
  • Improved skin resilience
  • Faster more efficient treatment (can treat large areas in a single session)
  • Proven clinical results
  • Simultaneous destruction of hundreds of hair follicles

The Chromolite hair removal system is a unique technological breakthrough, it offers hair reduction to all areas of the body, and the treatments are fast, effective and virtually painless through non-invasive light therapy.

We are professionally trained and qualified to operate this machine using protective safety equipment.

How does Chromolite™ work?

Chromolite ™ is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment system which emits a unique band of light called Smartlite ™ from a hand piece held against your skin. This technology delivers a combination of yellow and red light to increase the efficiency of results with hair removal.

With this technology, the yellow light targets the blood vessels around the germ cells (bulge), and the red light targets the melanin within the hair shaft and root (bulb).

This leads to the destruction of both the bulge and the bulb. Chromolite ™ also offers sophisticated, computer-driven precision and tremendous versatility. Due to the nature of treatment, intense pulsed light energy can be applied to the sub-surface skin layers for gentle and gradual results.

Still want to know more? See our FAQs below.

Chromolite ™ can be used to treat any area of the body and on most skin types. Prior to the treatment a trained Chromolite™ operator will discuss in detail how Chromolite ™ works and assess if it is suitable for you. For some clients a test patch will need to be performed to observe the effect. An immediate effect may be seen, although it is not unusual for the hair to take up to 14 days to fall out of the destroyed follicle, a slight tingling sensation may be experienced. Cooling can be applied to the skin to minimise this sensation.

It is simple, you wear protective eyewear, lie back and relax, while the Chromolite ™ operator moves the hand piece slowly over your skin firing the Smartlite ™ exactly where required. Chromolite ™ is fast too, less than 30 minutes to treat both lower legs. Chromolite will destroy between 60% and 90% of the growing hair at each treatment. Most people require between 5 and 8 treatments. However, extremely coarse, dense hair may take longer.

The number of treatments required varies, depending on the density and location of the hair growth. Approximately 30% of the body hair is in a growing stage at any time. The remainder is dormant and unable to absorb light. Chromolite ™ will destroy between 60% and 90% of the growing hair at each treatment. Most people require between 5 and 8 treatments. However, extremely coarse, dense hair may take longer.

Hair goes through a 3-stage cycle, and IPL treatment is only effective when the hair is in the growing phase. Since only about 30% of hairs are in the growing phase at any given time, some new hairs will grow after each treatment. These are then successfully removed during subsequent treatments. This is why a course of approximately 6 treatments is normally recommended, after which the number of remaining hairs is very small.

With the majority of treatments there are little or no visible after-effects so you can resume your normal routine quickly. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others and may redden or swell slightly; an aftercare gel can be applied to settle this.

People with light sensitivity should not have Chromolite ™ treatments. Its effects during pregnancy are unknown and therefore it is safer to avoid the treatment when pregnant. You should not have Chromolite ™ treatment if you have any suntan however mild, due to the high risk of burning. You should not have Chromolite ™ treatment whilst taking antibiotics, or if you are an insulin-dependent diabetic due to the risk of wound healing and infection problems.

Avoid HOT baths and showers for 24 hours after treatment. Make-up should not be used for 24 hours as the skin has been traumatised. Deodorant may irritate a treated area and should therefore be avoided for 24 hours. It is also advised that the treated area should not be exposed to sunlight for 4 weeks after treatment. If this is unavoidable the area should be covered or a total SPF30 sunblock.